Rainbow Education 101

Diverse and Evolving

The Rainbow Community is diverse and evolving, which can seem confusing to some people. The Y’s Rainbow Education 101 programme for schools, business and community organisations can help!

In just a single 2-hour facilitated session, Rainbow Education 101 will enhance your understanding of the Rainbow Community. Topics covered include:

  • LGBTQIA+ terminology & meaning
  • Difference between sex, gender & sexuality
  • Stereotypes & myths
  • Pronouns – correct usage & why that’s important
  • Mental Health in the Rainbow Community
  • The Rainbow Tick

Get in touch today, and begin to engage more confidently with the Rainbow Community.

The Y also facilitates two support groups for Rainbow Community members, and parents/caregivers/ whānau to the Rainbow Community members. See the further links on this page for more info.