Resiliency Toolkit

Bounce Back

from whatever life throws at you

We’re at the top of the cliff

Through our Resiliency Toolkit programme, we’re working ‘at the top of the cliff’ with 13-18 year olds in years 7-13 in schools across the region to build important life skills in:

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Decision-making around Alcohol and Drugs
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Social Media Usage/Safety/Digital Communications Responsibilities
  • Looking After Yourself & Others

Our goal is to build resilient youth for our community, with a focus on preventing them from becoming ‘at risk’.

‘Resilient Youth’ are rangatahi who can bounce back from whatever life throws at them. They possess the tools and skills required to better manage themselves, their decisions and their lives. They can cope in healthy ways with the various pressures and stresses they face each day, and seek out good sources of
additional support if required.

Nearly 3000 rangatahi throughout Mid and South Canterbury and North Otago have taken part in the Resiliency Toolkit programme each year since we launched in 2016. That wouldn’t be possible without the ongoing generosity of our funding partners, because the Toolkit is 100% philanthropically funded.