FREE Parenting programme

for Parents & Caregivers of 10-16 year olds

Y•Whānau is a free group programme that helps parents and caregivers to communicate and connect more effectively with their pre-teens and teens ages 10-16 years.

We offer evening programmes for parents, caregivers and/or other significant adults in the teen’s life (e.g. step parents, grandparents) over six 2-hour sessions.

During the Y•Whānau course you’ll learn:

  • Adolescent brain development & stages
  • Parental styles and roles, support systems, boundaries and self care
  • Effective communication tips and tools
  • How to actively parent and feel good about your role
  • Consequences & choices, & tools to help your teen learn from both
  • How to have difficult conversations about sex, drugs and alcohol

Get in touch today, and begin to communicate more effectively and confidently with the rangatahi in your life.