Y•Skills for Life

Struggling with reading, writing or working with numbers? We can help.

We have FREE part-time options for learners seeking to raise their literacy, numeracy and digital technology skills. Our skilled, friendly and supportive tutors can help put you on a path to greater success. Click here for full programme information.

We believe in learning by doing. Through the course, you’ll build confidence and ability by practicing essential skills like:

  • job search (creating a personal profile, CV and cover letter)
  • cooking (reading, measuring, budgeting)
  • filling in forms
  • basic computer skills
  • study towards a Class 1 Learner drivers licence.

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YMCA Provider Registration Details:

The National Council of YMCAs has been an NZQA-registered Private Training Establishment (PTE) since 1991. Youth Guarantee-funded programmes of study are NZQA approved. The national Council of YMCAs of New Zealand does not declare any known material conflicts of interest of any of the governing members of the PTE and any interests the member has in organisations in the education or immigration sector that provide goods or services to tertiary students.

This service is an NZQA-approved sub-contracted provision of The National Council of YMCAs [provider number 9388]. The National Council of YMCAs holds a Category 2 NZQA Education Evaluation & Review (EER) Status (2019); NZQA is (a) confident in this provider’s ability to self-assess and (b) confident in this provider’s educational performance. For more information on EER ratings click here.